Friday, October 19, 2007

Do you know how your parents met? Tell the story.

I remember Obaachan telling meshe met Ojiichan when he came into the Navy ship storewhere she worked as a register clerk, I think. He came in with a married buddy that she saw put money into Ojiichan's pocket and encouraged him to take Obaachan out. Obaachan and Ojiichan met at a movie theater, since men and women were not allowed to go together on a date. They had to meet wherever they were going. The first movie they saw together was a John Wayne movie called, "Quiet Man." --Mary Terry

I am vague on details but I know that they met at church - a branch in California. Mom thought she was a member of the church but wasn't and dad was visiting a friend of his on leave. He asked the bishop of the branch who she was and what nationality since she was so tan with natural curly hair he thought she might have been mulato. I don't remember hearing any details of a first date or anything but know I have a recording of it somewhere in their own words. :) --Kathee Zenger

Mom was a non member attending a fireside and saw dad with a friend at the fireside and the feelings clicked for her and then came to dad later who thought mom was a negro and little afraid of her. --James Terry

What family traditions did you/do you have for Christmas? Do you remember any special foods or decorations around the house at that time of year?

well you should know this but.....

on christmas eve they would make me dress up like mary and my baby doll was jesus and joseph jacob and jared where the wise men the house looked the same exept for the room with the christmas tree was FULL of christmas crap some times we would buy egg nog for the heck of it. --Bubba Terry

We always opened one gift before bed after reading the Birth of Christ in Luke. I do not recall any special foods—just that there was always plenty --James Terry

I remember for Christmas that mom didn't cook and that you couldn't be the first up or you had to do the dishes. Mom wasn't big on baking or making candies so much but we always had bridge mix and hard tack throughout the holidays. Mom didn't care what you ate on Christmas as long as you ate some fruit or something healthy first thing before any candy or extra stuff. We had a relative that always sent us fruit cake - the only one that ate it was mom, she loved it. It was mom's Christmas too, so I don't remember seeing her do a lot of chores or clean up - just remember her in her house coat, than sweats when she got dressed. She called family and friends, wrote letters and allowed herself a day of rest. --Kathee Zenger

I think my most memorable Christmas' s were inGermany. I was 7, 8, and 9 years old. I remember specifically the year we got our sled. We always had to make our beds before we came into the living room and we had to wait till 8 in the morning. It was torture for us kids. I think mom and dad loved torturing us. It was fun for them to lay there cozy inbed, probably smiling to themselves just thinking how we agonized over having to wait so long before we could leave our bedrooms Christmas morning. We were all standing around mom and dad as mom read Santa's letter to us, and she showed us Santa's letter. She said, "See how shakey Santa's writing is. He must have been very cold outside as he was writing this letter to all of you." We looked at it, and then I think mom read on as the letter revealed what was waiting for us outside on the balcony--our brand new snow sled! We rushed to see it, and how happy we all were. We couldn't wait to get it outside and slide down the hill with all the other kids in the neighborhood. We had to take turns with only two of us on at a time. I remember waiting my turn as Jerry and George went down first, and then I would ride down with Jerry probably. He was the boss of us. :) That sled was never ending fun for us. Of course, I loved my Barbie doll too,and then I got Midge, Barbie's friend. I don't remember if it was that same Christmas, but I've always loved my Barbie doll and dreamed of having more Barbie clothes as I looked through the miniature Barbie clothes catalog. Mom was so nice to make my Barbie clothes. They were made so much better than the factory made Barbie clothes, and lasted much longer. I also remember being enchanted by seeing little elf figurines in Christmas displays. I love little elf figurines to this day. I don't remember what types of food we ate, but I think we did have turkey and similar feast as during Thanksgiving time as most American families seem to do. New Years we always had Japanese food though. We always had sushi, miso soup, and many other Japanese dishes. We've lived in so many different homes since dad was a career Army man. In Germany we lived on the Army post in an apartment building at a place called Perlacher Forst in Munich, Germany, and walked to school where all grades first through twelvth were held. We lived on the 2nd floor of our apartment building, and used to trade comic books all the time when another child would come around with his asking if we wanted to trade. Jerry would bring out all our comics and spread them out, and the other child had his he would let us look through. I remember I was sad when Jerry traded away a comic book I really liked called, "The Happy Hedgehog." --Mary Terry

A cedar tree was our choice for a Christmas tree. We went out to a hillside where many were growing and selected the nicest we could find, took it home to the living room, decorated it
garland, icicles, etc. Under the tree one Christmas morning we would find a small toy, fruit (such as oranges) and a few fancy candies we did not have other times of the year. Mother always made 3 large layer cakes, 1 w/chocolate frosting, 1 w/coconut, 1 w/ vanilla frosting. and we
would have a special dinner. We were poor but we always ate well. I remember when we had 2 cows (Milk and butter), chickens for eggs & meat. He trapped, hunted and fished, and worked for another large farmer during slaughter time for pork and beef. We had bee hives for honey, apple, peach and plum trees, grape vines. Grew all manner of vegetables etc. --Frank Tucker

Did your parents have nicknames for eachother?

Dad called her Peg - if he couldn't find her it was "Oh Peg". She just called him Vaughn. They signed things to each other DOD and DOM- Dear old Mom and Dear old Dad. --Kathee Zenger

The only names I remember them using for each other, at least in our presence, was when Dad (grandpa) would need something from Mom (grandma) he would call out "Peg," and in reverse she would call out "Vaughn," or "Dad." I can't recall them every using any cutsie names for each other. Now, when it came to letters, or email, it was always D.O.D. (dear ole dad) or D.O.M. (dear ole mom). --John Terry

The only thing I ever heard Obaachan and Ojiichan calleach other is mama and daddy. That, of course, was so that little children would learn to call them that. I remember hearing my grandma Tucker calling her husband, daddy too. I don't remember hearing grandpa Tucker call grandma anything though. I think maybe itwas because his voice was so soft, it was usually very difficult to understand him, and I never remember a time when he had teeth. --Mary Terry

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oct 17, 2007

So, I'm going to try and do a page or so each day that I am not working. Check back frequently and add your own news. As soon as we're all logged in to this thing, lets make sure no one is left out. :)

For today, the question to comment on is this: What memorable decorations did your mom and dad have around the house as you were growing up?

What I remember is the wishing dolls mom had from Japan. You were supposed to make a wish and paint in the eyes when the wish came true, or something like that. I think I remember her painting in one eye when we were young. Dad had a piranna frozen in glass that he kept on his desk that I always liked to look at.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Emma riding the teacups

I'm still learning how to use this.

Oct 15, 2007

This is the official start of the family history sharing site. This will be a work in progress. I hope we will all enjoy this and use it!!